Belarus homestays, the best possible accommodation!

Indeed, so to speak from personal experience. Try to plan at least one overnight stay in a homestay during a visit to Belarus (we are happy to do that for you!). The rustic location in villages, the exceptionally hospitable owners, the stunning & extensive meals, in combination with often a small museum and many stories […]

Trip across the Ukraine border to Chernobyl

Due to the enormous success of the HBO-series the nucleair disaster that happened in Chernobyl in 1986 once again has gotten into the spotlights. And in 2019 – and earlier – it is possible to visit Chernobyl in a safe way, starting from the Ukrainian capital Kiev. You will get to reactor number four at […]

Belaz, the biggest trucks in the world

Looking for an excursion in Belarus not to a museum, cathedral or nature reserve, but something completely different? Enter the Belaz factory not far from Minsk, where the world’s biggest trucks are manufactured for the mining industry. The largest models have wheels with a 3.5 meters diameter! We gladly book you an excursion to this […]

European Games 2019 in Minsk

The 2015 and first edition of the European Games was held in Baku, Azerbeidzjan. In recent years Belarus has been very active in organizing important sports events and Minsk succesfully made a bid for the 2019 European Games. Not yet as well-known as the Asian Games in Asia, and Pan-American Games in the Americas, the […]