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Why Belarus?

Why Belarus?

A good question!
First of all, every country is unique and worth a visit.

We have visited Belarus several times and consider these highlights:
– the modest, quiet and friendly people
homestays in the countryside, spread over the whole country. They can be difficult to find if you drive yourself, but the hospitality provided, the quality of the extensive meals and the real interest of the owners are heart-warming. Note, language can be a factor
– the historic cities of Vitebsk, Grodno and Polotsk. With beautiful buildings, always clean and well maintained
– the many protected nature reserves, where lodgings are always available. Belarus consists largely of forests, marshes and lakes
– the surprisingly modern capital Minsk. You can rent bikes, attend performances, visit numerous museums, go out, admire Soviet architecture and much more
– numerous interesting and sad memories of WW2, from the Stalin Line and the village of Khatyn near Minsk to the Fortress of Brest
drive yourself on the quiet and mostly well-maintained roads, through sleepy villages, forests and marshes
– the unexpected and sometimes bizarre. You may encounter a huge radar installation along the border with Lithuania, visit the Belaz factory with the largest trucks in the world, see a tank stationed next to a church, and more ….

Above all, Belarus is safe, clean, friendly, inexpensive and offers a glimpse of life in the countryside, as it was in the former USSR, more than in any other country that originated from that huge empire, including Russia!

Why visit Belarus with us?

Another good question!
– we know the country well and can advise you on the best routes and the best accommodations|
– on the way, we support you on request and without obligation via whatsapp
– You can book cheap airline tickets to Minsk and hire cars in the country through us
– together with our local partner we can offer you excellent drivers & guides
– your trip in Belarus is guaranteed in case of our (not expected) financial insolvency as we are a member of the Dutch Guarantee Fund GGTO
– read the testimonials!

As per 27.07.2018 a visa for a stay up to 30 days is not needed anymore, provided one enters and leaves the country through Minsk International Airport for citizins of many countries. Full information can be found here. For all other situations, including for people arriving in Minsk by plane from Russia, the information below remains valid.
You will need a visa to visit Belarus. And to obtain the visa, a letter of invitation (LOI). We take care of the LOI and you can apply for the visa at the nearest Belarus Consulate. The procedure is simple and fast.
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